Foshan AI Machinery Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of resistance welding and welding automation equipment integrated enterprise. In the field of resistance welding and automatic welding, Foshan AI Machinery Co., Ltd. is with its professional spirit of concentration, the pursuit of excellence in quality, won the praise and recognition of customers. With its professional design and development and high quality production and processing capacity, leading the trend of welding equipment, welding technology pulse! Has now become a series of AC pulse, capacitor energy storage, precision desktop, high-power three-phase secondary rectification and automatic welding equipment, automatic welding production line of medium frequency inverter equipment, ranging from battery industry, microelectronics industry, metal products, household appliances manufacturing, chassis, cable, automotive products motorcycle manufacturing, large motor manufacturing, especially compressor manufacturing and boiler industry has a wide range of areas and a large number of customer groups. AI law has more than the industry experts, senior engineers and professional technicians with rich experience and professional knowledge, to provide customers with an ideal technical scheme and the production of high quality welding equipment, and provide first-class pre-sale, sale, customer service service for customers.

Over the years, people in AI law research design production and sales of resistance welding equipment as the leading high-tech and innovation for the development goals, always pay attention to the welding technology of dynamic welding technology, firmly grasp the pulse of the times, to new heights!!